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Vasilaras + Co is a different kind of law firm. One that treats you like an individual, not a file number. One that tells you what you need to know and keeps things as straightforward as possible, rather than simply quoting the law at you, and one that believes in getting things done, not fighting for the sake of it. We know that winning a legal dispute is important, but that the cost of doing so must be proportionate to the outcome. This is why we offer a number of affordable solutions, such as fixed fees, instead of typical hourly rates.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. So you can be confident that, whether it’s a personal or business matter, if you need advice we’ll be there for you.

From small to medium sized, we consider every one of our clients’ businesses to be as important as our own. As a result, our approachable team is reassuringly straight talking, open-minded and forward thinking.

We thrive on working with like-minded business people. It inspires us. It helps build trust and promotes the free flow of dynamic thinking between us. We believe it's what gives our law firm the edge. And what gives our clients the reassurance they need to keep choosing us.

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